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Eagles Soar Over Los Cóndores, FT 45-13

Malon Al-Jiboori With Ball in Hand.

The Eagles (3-0) continued to distance themselves from their opposition with their Bonus Point victory over Los Cóndores de Chile (0-3).  Looking at this game and this tournament as a whole it  has been extremely difficult to gauge Chile.  The standard of rugby played in their first match against Brazil was poor at best and they fielded their best available side.  The side that ran out against the ARG XV on Tierra Del Fuego was not of the same quality, yet they raised their level and did the small things early to disrupt ARG XV's offensive flow.  This was the same style of play that the Eagles would face.  A blitzing defense of athletes, full of heart, yet not at the same talent level.  It's important to note that Chile is on their third coach in three years.

The match began similar to how most of the Eagles' recent victories have, a dashing start of a few tries and then being drug into the doldrums with a suffocating and august defense.  Early on it seemed as though there would be a constant barrage and a possible record for the fastest Eagles' Try, but Cam Dolan knocked it on.  The expression on his face showed hunger. '3:40 The Eagles's would not have to wait long as Captain Nate Augspurger took an offload into the try zone from Ryan Matyas.  Will Magie did not convert. This began the suffocating defense Los Cóndores utilized throughout the first half.  Waking up, the Eagles played their fast running rugby with a try by Outside Center Dylan Audsley, whom has been a star in the making over the series, but he wouldn't be done yet.  Magie did not convert and this closed out the first quarter of play.

Los Cóndores' defense took the Eagles to task mid way through the second quarter of play earning a penalty at '27:27  Full Back Tomás Ianiszewski's leg would be true bringing Chile within 7.  The Eagles retired at the half, unsure how they would respond in Gary Gold's locker room, though it was clear Chile was feeling the constant hammering of the Eagles' blows.

Opening the Second half, an offload from Matyas to Campbell to Audsley with a Try at '40:37 showed the law had been laid down.  The Eagles would put Los Cóndores to the sword.  Magie's boot would not fail the rest of the match, conversion made, Eagles up 17-3.  Shortly after receiving the ball the Eagles continued to march upon the Cóndores' mountain stronghold with a powerful try from Bryce Campbell.  Magie's boot put the Eagle's up 24-3.  At '45:30 Los Cóndores attempted to defend against the assault with a burst of offense, a grand try by Hooker Tomás Dussaillant, yet that was the only pulse of life shown by Chile for the next 30 minutes of play.  Tomás Ianiszewski would miss the conversion, the ball darting in front of the posts.  With what seemed like cross kick after cross kick the Eagles found their rhythm again, and as has been always said of Mike Te'O: he just makes it happen.  Te'O scored a powerful try, the ball tee'd up and punched through the posts by Magie, the Eagles took a 31-8 lead. 

Coach Gold began rotating in substitutions early in the 3rd quarter with Brendan Daly coming on for Ben Landry.  Shortly following him Malon Al Jiboori replaced Tony Lamborn at the Open-side flanker spot.  Paul Lasike subbed in for Josh Whippy, which began the rotation of players within the backline as Lasike would line up at inside center.  Shortly after coming on Al-Jiboori showed why there has been so much hype around him as a Junior All-American and now USA Eagle 7s player.  He scored a try under the posts.  Magie made his fourth conversion of the afternoon bringing it to 38-8. It almost seemed certain that Al Jiboori had scored again, but the TMO and Referee Chris Assmus correctly spotted that the ball had been held up.  Ben Cima of Rocky Gorge and San Diego Legion would sub on to take the Fly-Half's duties the remainder of the match. 

Cóndores continued to show their pride with hard hitting tackles that would keep the Eagles at bay for a time.  Two more debutants took the field for the Eagles in Ruben De Haas and Dylan Fawsitt, both quickly displaying why they were in Eagles camp.  De Haas lived up to his pedigree with the fast ball out of the ruck.  The Butcher (Fawsitt) showed why he had been so valued at hooker, surely he ate a Cóndor at the Breakdown as he ended his debut with an opponent's blood on his chest.  Ítalo Zunino would show the pride of the Chilean side as he struck for the Los Cóndores last score of the match.  It went unconverted bringing the score 38-13 with 7 minutes left to play.  Towards the end of regulation, Paul Lasike, the BYU Football and Rugby Standout, showed that he was back and ready to achieve his national side goals scoring a try near the posts.  In front of a home crowd of 1700 for the final home match of the ARC, Ben Cima's leg would hold true and set the final score at 45-13 ['78:40].  The final play of the game would be on an Eagles Scrum with a fast ball from De Haas to Cima in the try-zone, Cima punching the ball out to end in a crescendo in preparation for the Eagles' flight to Brazil. 

USA Eagles

Tries: Al-Jiboori, Audsley (2), Augspurger, Campbell, Lasike, Te'O

Conversions: Magie (4/6), Cima (1/1)
Penalties: 0

Chile Los Condores

Dussaillant, Zunino

Conversions: Ianiszewski (0/2)

Penalties: Ianiszewski (1/2)

~Aaron Castro