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NOLA Steamrolls Their Way Over Austin 48-17

Austin traveled to New Orleans for their second preseason match of the year. They had some issues early in this game as they allowed NOLA to control the game for the majority of the first half. Some of their issues could've been because they decided to travel the morning of the match.

Vince Jobo got the scoring started for NOLA. After getting down near the try line, NOLA went through a number of pick and go phases until Jobo was able to get over for the try.

NOLA's next two tries seemed to go the exact same way. The Gold would get the ball down near the try line and go through pick and go phases until the score. Eric Howard and Cameron Falcon each had a try to extend NOLA's lead.

In between NOLA's tries, Austin was handed a yellow card. Deon Minnaar was handed a yellow card in the 17th minute for being not back 10 meters after a penalty.

NOLA extended their lead after a lineout. After an earlier lineout that was brought down about 10 meters short of the line, NOLA earned a penalty and took another lineout. They were able to work their driving maul to the line and Eric Howard was able to dot down for his brace.

Austin had a good chance to score that came off a stolen lineout. Austin was able to steal NOLA's lineout and get down within their 22 but they were just held up and knocked on about 10 meters short of the line.

Austin eventually was able to get on the scoreboard. After working their way into NOLA's end, they were able to work the ball wide through a number of phases before the hooker Chris Schade was able to rumble his way over for the try.

Taylor Howden decided to add to the NOLA lead. After a penalty directly center in front of the posts, Howden decided to take the points on offer to give NOLA a 31-7 lead.

Timothée Guillimin was able to dot down for another Elite try. After earning a scrum penalty, Austin went through a number phases before Guillimin was able to dot down for a try on the stroke of halftime.

A defensive game for the first 15 minutes of the second half. Bobby Johns was able to dot down for the Gold in the 56th minute. After a scrum deep in Austin territory, the Gold went with their first half strategy of pick and go, but Austin was able to hold. Eventually the Gold went wide to Johns and he was able to dot down in the corner.

Austin was shown their second yellow card of the match. Michael Reid was shown a yellow card for tackling the man in air.

Bobby Johns added his second try of the match. After some errors from the Elite, the Gold were able to pin them deep. Austin's clearance kick didn't find touch, so the Gold worked their ball wide to Bobby Johns who weaved his way through the Elite defense to score under the posts.

Austin had to finish the match down a man as Hanco Germishuys was shown a yellow card for repeated infringement. Austin will have to get a handle on their game, as they gave away too many opportunities.

Melvin Desouza added to the NOLA lead. After a scrum, Michael Baska broke through the Elite defense and the Gold worked the ball wide to Desouza who scored a diving try in the corner. John Stapleton was sent to the bin for NOLA. He was given a penalty and said something to the ref and was shown a yellow card.

Ben Mitchell was next on the scoreboard. After a penalty against NOLA, the Elite went through a couple of phases before they found Mitchell on the wing for the score at the end of the match. The final whistle blew and NOLA won 48-17.

This was a nice win for NOLA Gold. They performed well, but they still have a few things to work on. Austin is going to have to get into the film room and find something that works. Their issues could stem from them travelling the morning of the match, but they will need to find something. Their showing against San Diego last week and comparing it to this week was like watching two different teams.

Austin will get a chance for redemption next week as they will host the return match in Austin against NOLA Gold.

Man of the Match
Austin: Timothée Guillimin
NOLA: Eric Howard


Tries Chris Schade (32), Timothée Guillimin (40), Ben Mitchell (79)

Cons Timothée Guillimin 1/2, Allan Hanson 0/1


Yellow Card Deon Minnaar 17 (not back ten), Michael Reid 63 (Tackling man in air), Hanco Germishuys 75 (Repeated infringement)


Tries Vince Jobo (6), Eric Howard 2 (13, 24), Cameron Falcon (19), Bobby Johns 2 (56, 69), Melvin Desouza (74)

Cons Taylor Howden 5/6, John Stapleton 0/1

Pens Howden 1/1 (39)

Yellow Card Stapleton 75 (talk back to ref)

~Josh Fredlund