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Major League Rugby Week 1 Predictions

At Earful of Dirt, we LOVE making predictions. So here's our Major League Rugby week 1 winners and score differentials. Consensus match winner marked in red below.

Austin Elite Rugby @ Glendale Raptors
Dan Browne: Glendale (-20)
Aaron Castro: Glendale (-20)
Josh Fredlund: Glendale (-20)
Corey Munson: Glendale (-12)
Victor Perez: Glendale (-15)

NOLA Gold @ Houston Sabercats
Dan Browne: Houston (-7)
Aaron Castro: Houston (-10)
Josh Fredlund: NOLA (-2)
Corey Munson: Houston (-8)
Victor Perez: Houston (-20)

San Diego Legion @ Seattle Seawolves
Dan Browne: San Diego (-12)
Aaron Castro: San Diego (-7)
Josh Fredlund: San Diego (-5)
Corey Munson: San Diego (-12)
Victor Perez: Seattle (-10)

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