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Midseason MLR Journalists' Poll - Raptors remain on top of the standings

Halfway through Major League Rugby’s regular season, members of the MLR Journalists’ Poll delivered results that follow closely with the league’s own point standings.

All but two respondents put Glendale Raptors in first place. Those two listed Seattle Seawolves as first, while the remaining votes placed the Seawolves in second. This matches with the league’s current point standings as of May 24.

Third place in the poll was given to San Diego Legion, the only departure from the point standings which has Legion tied with NOLA Gold. In this poll, voters placed Gold in fourth.

The final three positions are held by Utah Warriors, Houston Sabercats and Austin Elite Rugby, in that order. This also matches with the point standings.

Voters in the poll are made up of journalists who have covered MLR this year. The poll was conducted May 19-23. It is organized and conducted by Earful of Dirt Podcast.

MLR Midseason Journalists’ Poll:
1. Glendale Raptors
2. Seattle Seawolves
3. San Diego Legion
4. NOLA Gold
5. Utah Warriors
6. Houston Sabercats
7. Austin Elite Rugby

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