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Glendale Crushes NOLA 47-10

The Glendale Raptors headed to New Orleans to take on the Gold after a two week layoff. The Raptors showed some signs of rust on their way to a dominating victory. While the Gold have some work to do if they want to make the playoffs.

Bryce Campbell put the first points of the day on the board. After stealing a NOLA lineout, Glendale worked the ball wide to Campbell who was tackled short of the line, but was able to reach out over the try line and dot down for the try.

Mika Kruse was the next man up as Glendale was able to respond after committing a turnover. NOLA knocked on after the turnover and Glendale worked their set piece scrum for the try. The Raptors went wide from the scrum to Kruse who was able to dot down in the corner.

NOLA was threatening deep in Glendale territory, but Bryce Campbell intercepted a Holden Yungert pass to get rid of that threat. Glendale added another try to the scoreboard in the sequence following the intercept. The Raptors mauled their way over for the try, with John Quill being the man to dot down.

While Glendale didn't show much rust in the beginning portion of the match, some rust showed up when NOLA scored it's first try. After a grubber kick from Taylor Howden, Seth Halliman couldn't gather it in, leaving Joey Sok to pick it up and dot it down for the try.

Glendale committed numerous penalties in the first half. This led to a yellow card being shown to Sam Figg right at halftime after he was called for not releasing the tackle. NOLA tried to make something out of it, but eventually the ball was kicked to touch for halftime.

Glendale showed a lot of rust in the first half. Yeah, they were up. But, they were committing numerous errors and penalties. They looked like a schoolyard rugby team with no chemistry. NOLA just couldn't take advantage of the Raptors mistakes, otherwise this would've been a different first half.

NOLA started playing slow ball in the second half. They were playing really flat and they had no one running onto the ball. This led to Glendale's next try. Will Magie was able to intercept a NOLA pass and take it 50+ meters for the try.

The humidity and Glendale's rust made for an interesting combination. The ball must've been really slippery because Glendale knocked on numerous times. The Raptors defense was up to the task as they were able to prevent NOLA from doing any real damage from their mistakes.

After a lot of false starts, Glendale was finally able to put together a good set of phases for a try in the second half. Glendale was able to win NOLA's scrum and they worked their way down the field. Ata Malifa was able to find Zach Fenoglio on an inside line for a try under the posts.

Cam Troxler was the man responsible for NOLA's second and final try of the match. After multiple phases deep in Glendale territory, the Gold went wide after a penalty and they found Troxler on an inside line in the corner.

Glendale continued to pour on the pressure even though they had the game well in hand. Sam Figg picked up the ball following a NOLA knock on and went 50 meters for the try. And Bryce Campbell was able to bookend this match with his second try. He grubber kicked through and NOLA looked to let it bounce into touch, but Campbell had other ideas as he was able to gather the ball and dot down for the try.

This was an ok match by Glendale standards. Yeah it was a blowout, but it could've been a lot worse. Glendale kept making simple mistakes and shooting themselves in the foot on offense. They were able to win by such a large margin because they were able to take advantage of NOLA's mistakes. If they had been able to get a handle on the ball on offense, the scoreline would've been a lot larger.

This was a throwaway match for NOLA. The bad news is that this is the second one in a row for the Gold. They will need to pick it up as they are currently on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. NOLA had a few good moments, but they had less good moments then last week. NOLA will have to go back to the drawing board because this was Glendale's match from the first whistle to the last.

Glendale is back next Friday, June 8th as they welcome the Houston Sabercats to Infinity Park. NOLA is back next Saturday, June 9th as they welcome the San Diego Legion to NOLA for the CBS Sports Game of the Week.

Man of the Match
NOLA: Joey Sok
Glendale: Will Magie


Tries: Bryce Campbell 2 (4, 80), Mika Kruse (11), John Quill (20), Will Magie (47), Zach Fenoglio (62), Sam Figg (78)

Cons: Will Maige 6/7

Pens: N/a

Yellow Card: Sam Figg (40, repeated infringements)


Tries: Joey Sok (28), Cam Troxler (67)

Cons: JP Eloff 0/1, Taylor Howden 0/1

Pens: N/a

~Josh Fredlund