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MLR Pre-Season Newcomer XV

Photo Cred - Josh Fredlund

As we come upon the start of season two of Major League Rugby, each team has brought on new players. Those players are either transfers from other teams or were branding new signings. We're going to look at the new signings specifically here, with the pre-season newcomer XV. A bench has been added because there are a number of good players brought into the league this year.

1. Djustice Sears-Duru - Seattle Seawolves

2. Jason Harris-Wright - Houston SaberCats

3. Juan Echeverría - Austin Elite

4. Diego Magno - Houston SaberCats

5. Ignacio Dotti - NOLA Gold

6. Brendan Daly - Glendale Raptors

7. John Moonlight - Toronto Arrows

8. Alejandro Nieto - Houston SaberCats

9. Mike Petri - Rugby United NY

10. Josh Reeves - Utah Warriors

11. Jasa Veremalua - San Diego Legion

12. Con Foley - NOLA Gold

13. Andrés Vilaseca - Austin Elite

14. Leandro Leivas - Toronto Arrows

15. Ben Foden - Rugby United NY


16. Paddy Ryan - San Diego Legion

17. Kapeli Pifeleti - San Diego Legion

18. Simon Courcoul - Austin Elite

19. Apisai Naikatini - Seattle Seawolves

20. Santiago Arata - Houston SaberCats

21. Gastón Mieres - Toronto Arrows

22. Gannon Moore - Utah Warriors

23. Dylan Taikato-Simpson - Glendale Raptors

The talent level this season certainly has been raised a notch. Time will tell what kind of impact, whether good or bad, these new signings will have in the 2019 season.

~Josh Fredlund