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The Secondary Market-Scarcity of the Seawolves Ticket

Over the weekend I stated that the Seawolves attendance seemed down vs. NOLA Gold Rugby.  Many people have told me they don't always sit in their seats, but the gap in this photo is pretty large. I'm not trying to say the sky is falling down. I'm just not heaping praise, because the expectation for the Seawolves now is 3500 every match. That's excellence.  

This article is not a compliment sandwich either.  It's an analysis of something that shows the Seawolves have created an in-demand product. So let's get to the purpose, and praise of the Seawolves.

This is more of a discussion about creating a secondary ticket market. Secondary markets, whether it's scalpers or sites like Seat Geek or Stubhub give you an analytical gauge on the popularity of your product. The Seawolves have an official secondary seller agreement with StubHub, which is again fantastic. 

So, let's take a look at just the Seawolves. Four fixtures listed. Two of them at Starfire, so far no New York or Glendale fan has put up tickets on Stubhub and I don't expect them too.

This really shows your overall demand, because there is truly limited tickets on the secondary market:
SUN MAY 26 v. Utah 48 tickets available (14 Standing Room)
SUN JUN 2 v. AER 68 tickets available (36 Standing Room)
As far as ticket scarcity is concerned, a Seawolves ticket is damned scarce.

There are a total of 18 fixtures listed on Stubhub the rest of the season and only Seattle has any tickets available. When you examine this, you have to understand why. To the untrained eye, it would appear all of those other teams have a higher demand. But most of us here probably understand that those tickets are available en masse from the regular ticket office and there is currently not enough demand for a secondary market.

So, as a commodity, a Seawolves ticket is the most valuable ticket in Major League Rugby.

~Aaron Castro