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Foreign Player Usage Rates in Major League Rugby

Photo Credit: David Frerker/San Diego Sports Domination

In Season 1 of Major League Rugby, the Seven Original teams agreed to a foreign player allocation of five players on the match squad of 23.  If the team so desired, they could sign more foreign players but they could still only select five players per match.  Austin Elite via a trade for Pakisonasi Afu to the Utah Warriors received a sixth foreign player allocation and salary cap considerations for season 1.

In Season 2 of Major League Rugby, the 9 teams that would play agreed to a foreign player allocation of 10 per match squad of 23. Austin retained the rights to a foreign player allocation from Utah through Season 3, but also purchased the rights to two foreign player allocations from other teams through Cash and Salary Cap Consideration.  This brought Austin's total foreign player allocation to 13.  

Methodology, I used original rosters submitted to the league for this exercise, so my math doesn't show any corrections that Americas Rugby News may input. Certain players had errors for some reason. Noah Barker is a domestic player but on the roster was designated as Foreign. Jeremy Lenaerts is US eligible, but was designated Foreign. For the purpose of this exercise I designated them as domestic players.

Several players became eligible for the US during this season: Luke White (January), Nick Feakes (March), Riekert Hattingh (June).  Once they became US Eligible they no longer counted against the foreign player allocation.

Below is the average Foreign Player Usage Rate by team through all rounds those teams played:
New Orleans-5.12
New York-4.7
San Diego-6.77

Below is the Foreign Player Usage Rate by Round:

  1. 6.25
  2. 6.4
  3. 5.83
  4. 6.12
  5. 6.62
  6. 4.83
  7. 5.62
  8. 6.5
  9. 5.83
  10. 5.75
  11. 6
  12. 5.62
  13. 5.37
  14. 6
  15. 5.75
  16. 5.62
  17. 6.25
  18. 5.25
  19. 6.12
   SF- 6
   F- 7
At some point this summer, we'll take a breakdown of position usage.

-Aaron Castro