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2021 Major League Rugby Schedule Breakdown


Photo Credit: Joshua Fredlund

The 2021 MLR Schedule has been released. With an uneven balance of teams (7 Western, 6 Eastern), it was going to be interesting to see how Major League Rugby balanced the schedule. With the release of the schedule we have our answer. Each team will play home and away against each team in it's conference. The Western Conference teams will play four of the eastern conference teams. Two Eastern Conference teams will only play four Western conference opponents, while the other four will play five.

Here's how the schedule breaks out in block form:

The home team is on the left and the away team is across the top. Black means the game never happens and purple means the teams will only play once. Some interesting things to note here are the fact that New York will get two home games against both Old Glory and New England, NOLA get two home games against Rugby ATL, and New England gets two home games against Toronto.

Now the schedule is subject to change depending on the TV broadcast schedule, but as of now there are only 4 games this season that won't happen on a Saturday or Sunday. This also puts the schedule in a bit of a time crunch, especially for those fans who like to watch every game. As of right now, there are only two weeks out of the 18 scheduled where the kickoff times don't clash with each other.

Also, no Vegas Weekend this year. Fans will be happy about that, especially after losing a home game for a couple teams. Travel was also a priority for the league this year. There isn't as much cross country traveling as there has been in years past.

Listed below is each team by conference and some basic information. Some new stadiums (Old Glory and Toronto) and some big stadiums from the new joiners. The Dallas Jackals will play at Globe Life Park which seats 48,114 and the LA Giltinis plan to play at the LA Coliseum which holds 77,500 after recent renovations.

Western Conference

Austin Gilgronis

Location -  Bold Stadium, Austin, Texas Head Coach - Sam Harris

Doesn't Play: New England, NOLA Gold

Dallas Jackals

Location -  Globe Life Park, Arlington, Texas Head Coach - Allen Clarke

Doesn't Play: New England, RUNY, Toronto

Houston Sabercats

Location -  AVEVA Stadium, Houston, Texas Head Coach - Paul Healy

Doesn't Play: NOLA Gold, Old Glory, Toronto

Los Angeles Giltinis

Location -  Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California Head Coach - Darren Coleman

Doesn't Play: New England, Old Glory, Toronto

San Diego Legion

Location -  Torero Stadium, San Diego, California Head Coach - Scott Murray/Zack Test

Doesn't Play: Old Glory, RUNY

Seattle Seawolves

Location -  Starfire Stadium, Tukwila, Washington Head Coach - Kees Lensing

Doesn't Play: New England, Rugby ATL

Utah Warriors

Location -  Zions Bank Stadium, Herriman, Utah Head Coach - Chris Latham

Doesn't Play: Rugby ATL, RUNY

Eastern Conference

New England Free Jacks

Location -  Union Point Sports Complex, Weymouth, Massachusetts Head Coach - Ryan Martin

Doesn't Play: Austin, Dallas, Seattle


Location -  The Gold Mine, Metairie, Louisiana Head Coach - Nate Osborne

Doesn't Play: Austin, Houston

Old Glory DC

Location -  Segra Field, Leesburg, Virginia Head Coach - Andrew Douglas

Doesn't Play: Los Angeles, San Diego

Rugby ATL

Location -  Lupo Family Field, Marietta, Georgia Head Coach - Scott Lawrence

Doesn't Play: Seattle, Utah

Rugby United New York

Location -  MCU Park, Brooklyn, New York Head Coach - Gregg McWilliams

Doesn't Play: Dallas, San Diego, Utah

Toronto Arrows

Location -  York Lions Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Head Coach - Chris Silverthorn

Doesn't Play: Houston, Los Angeles

~Joshua Fredlund