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Earful of Dirt, The Major League Rugby Podcast: Bringing you the latest Major League Rugby news, views and abuse. A weekly livestream and podcast focused on the growth of professional rugby union in the United States. Each week hosts EOD breaks down the recent happenings and updates. Formed out of the MLR reddit community, EOD strives to promote the game they love to everyone who will listen.


Daniel Browne
New York, NY
Born and bred on the mean streets of northern New Jersey, Dan Browne found his passion for rugby through his father who played in college and is currently a referee. Despite this, he didn't attempt to play until after graduating college. Dan started his club career with North Jersey RFC and now plays with New York Rugby Club. He is a big fan of Tier 2 rugby and likes to think he is the go-to expert for Latin American rugby, but will have to concede this title to the Spanish speaker of this group. Dan is a co-founder of Earful of Dirt.

Rafael Delgadillo
Santa Cruz, CA
Rafael Delgadillo is a doctoral student in Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Rafael was born in New York City, grew up in New Orleans and has lived in Florida and currently resides in California. He is a co-host of the En La Melé podcast.

Josh Fredlund
Broomfield, CO
Josh Fredlund found rugby through his father, forgot about it and then found it again in college. He became a sports blogger because of his love of sports. He enjoys mainly college football and rugby. But he can be found watching any sport when not working. He is also a Colorado State sports contributor for the Mountain West Wire of the USA Today Sports Media Group.

Liam Medigan-Fried
Swampscott, MA
Liam 'Poach' Madigan grew up on the North Shore just ten minutes outside the city of Boston. He found his calling when he discovered the sport of rugby during his freshman year of college. In 2016, he began his own blog Penguin Tundra Rugby, which began with covering the now defunct PRO league, and now provides its readers with game analysis, exclusive interviews, and the occasional meme.

Corey Munson
Cedar Rapids, IA
Making his home among the corn and cows of Iowa, Corey Munson has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for the last decade. He is founder of the Reddit community r/MLRugby and is a co-founder of Earful of Dirt. He is also an obsessive music fan and record collector, and avid gardener.

Victor O Perez
New York, NY
Rugby fan since 2015, Victor O Perez was introduced to the game in the strangest way: by talking with some Australians on his walking tours. With time, he has become our go-to expert in all things rugby in Latin America and Spain. If he ever plays a game, you want to stick him in the forwards probably. Victor is a co-founder of Earful of Dirt.